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What is a Mail Forwarding Service?

Introduction to International Mail Forwarding

If you shop at online stores in the US and need your packages sent to you in another part of the World, or if you need your US mail sent to you outside of the US, you should look into getting a mail forwarding service. A mail forwarding service could save you lots of money.

Mail forwarding services are pretty straight-forward. They provide you with a US based mailing address and then they collect your mail and packages and send them to you anywhere in the world. This can save you a bundle when ordering products from online stores, and it can help you to efficiently get your mail when living or traveling outside of the US. Mail forwarding companies also help US businesses to ship internationally, or non-US business to better handle their US customers.

We took a look at a large number of these services. Some cater to shoppers and others to expatriates, or travelers and some handle both effectively. When looking at mail forwarding services, it’s important to consider exactly how you plan to use the service. If you are a frequent shopper, then package consolidation might be important to you. If you live outside of the US and need your mail on a regular basis, then online account control might be important since you could dump your junk mail. Businesses can benefit by reducing their shipping charges and improving their customer service.

We looked for services that were versatile in handling a variety of clients and had a good feature set to keep down costs. IT was also important that the mail forwarding service did not have a bunch on nickel and dime charges that tend to add up quickly.

Your first step in finding a mil forwarding service is to understand why you might need one.

Do you need a mail forwarding service . . .

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