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On top of the many other things expats have to consider before moving abroad is what to do with their mail. Turning to a friend or a family member is a short term solution which wears thin rather quickly. Mail forwarding services are ideally suited to expats. With a mail forwarding service, you can get all of your mail sent to one location. The mail forwarding service will handle it and the good ones will let you know exactly what you have received, ideally with a digital photo of the mail piece. The service should have online account access allowing you to decide what to keep and what to discard.

Exapats can then decide how and when to get their mail shipped to them. Because the services only keep your essential mail, you’ll save on your shipping. They can also bundle your mail with purchases to keep all of your shipping charges down. When getting your mail is important, it’s nice to trust an expert in international shipping.

Mail Forwarding Services Benefits for an Expat:

  • Remove the mail handling hassle from a friend or relative
  • Easy way to monitor your mail and receive just what you want
  • Discard junk mail
  • Total control of the process – mail to different addresses based on travel needs
  • Lower cost of regular shipments and lower weights because junk mail has been discarded

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