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How Do Mail Forwarding Services Work?

To begin using a mail forwarding service, you’ll need to give them authorization to start handling your mail. You do this by filling our form 1856, signing it and returning it to the mail forwarding company. Once the proper documentation is in place, they will issue you a US address.

Once you have your new address, you can use it when you shop online and you can give your new address to companies that send you mail such as magazine subscriptions and monthly bills.

The mail forwarding company receives your newly forwarded mail and packages and they will catalog their arrival. The better companies will provide a digital photo of every piece of mail or package you receive and will load it onto your private account.

Using internet access, you can then view your account and tell you mail forwarding service what to do with each piece of mail, or package. You can typically choose to send, hold or discard each piece, or if you have multiple packages, you can ask for them to be consolidated into one package.

When you are ready to receive you mail and/or packages, the mail forwarding service will put your shipment together with all of the necessary documentation to get it to you.
Fast and reliable with good customer service. It’s true for many companies but these qualities are especially important in you mail forwarding service.

What to look for in a mail forwarding service . . .

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