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What to Look For in a Mail Forwarding Service

Just like any business, you want to look for reliability and a track record of customer satisfaction. Some mail forwarding companies are new to the industry and don’t have much track record yet. Other companies have been around for 10 years or more and you can rest assured that they know what they are doing.

One quick way to evaluate mail forwarding companies is to check for customer complaints and how those complaints get handled. Several mail forwarding companies have multiple complaints online and in some cases these complaints have gone unanswered. If you have a question, search online for the company and see what pops up. If nothing, then they likely have many happy and satisfied customers.

Once you have your list of reliable companies, then you want to look for specific features and costs. We found some companies that want 3 months up front, others a setup fee and some nothing at all. You’ll also want to calculate those potential extra charges. If you use the service extensively, the extra charges and really add up fast.

Look for companies that provide quick response and excellent customer service. You’ll want to know that they handle your mail quickly, efficiently and with a good degree of privacy.

We looked at dozens of services and our pick for the top mail forwarding service is USA Box. Read on to learn why we picked USA Box and to see how they can handle your mail forwarding needs.

Our pick for the best mail forwarding service USA Box . . .

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