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We think USA Box provides the best bang for your buck, but if you’d like to review other mail forwarding services, here’s a short list:

Access USA

AccessUSA is similar to USA Box in that they provide services to shoppers and clients who need regular shipments. They have a pretty decent feature set and their web site is fairly straight-forward. The main difference we found was in the shipping rates. For our sample posting to Rio in which we’ll be receiving a 4.55 Kg (10 lb.) shipment per month, the cost per shipment is $142.97 for their Standard Plan. This checks in at a hefty $1,715.64 for our one year of 12 shipments. The shipping alone would be over twice the cost charged by USA Box.
Bottom Line: Check you expected shipping rates before taking the plunge with AccessUSA.


Skybox is focused primarily on shoppers. Their web site is offered in multiple languages, but it doesn’t really do a very good job of explaining what they do, or how they do it. The site tries to be flashy, but is short on substance. Our main issue with Skybox was trying to figure out how much we’d be charged for our account and then calculating our shipping charges. Since they cater to shoppers, we probably wouldn’t consider them during our assignment to Rio. We couldn’t figure out our bottom line costs before signing up, so we moved on.
Bottom Line: Their service might fit you if you are a shopper, but we we’re concerned that they are too much flash without and substance.

Mail Forwarding Network

Mail Forwarding Network offers to provide you with a mailing address around the World. Essentially, you can rent a PO Box in another city. This service is fine if you want to establish a presence outside of your home country, state, or city, but it won’t help you to reduce your costs, if anything it will increase them. Mail Forwarding Network doesn’t do a great job of explaining how their service works, just that you’ll get regular shipments from your PO Box. For our posting to Rio, the cost for a monthly FedEx shipment from a Florida PO Box with Mail Forwarding Network would be $292 per shipment or over $3500 for the year. Plus, we wouldn’t have access to our account so that we could dump the junk mail prior to sending.
Bottom Line: If you have to have an address in some exotic locale, Mail Forwarding Network might be for you. If not, their shipping rates are too high to make it worth the cost.

Voyagers Mail Forwarding Service

Voyagers Mail Forwarding Service is run by boaters, so it’s really designed to serve the needs of boaters who are sailing on World tours or other similar adventures. The have a simple site that is down-to-earth and offers their services in a laid-back style. It started us thinking what if we could drop everything and embark on a World tour by boat. Unfortunately reality set in when we realized we don’t have a boat, or the time to take a year off for the tour. However, if you do, you might check out Voyagers for the services. We also wouldn’t consider Voyagers for our yearlong posting to Rio since their shipping rates aren’t published so we don’t want to get surprised.
Bottom Line: If you are taking off for a long trip on your boat, you might give them a look.

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