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International Online Shoppers

Online shopping is one of the main uses of the internet. However, many US stores won’t ship internationally and if they do the cost is often three times, or more, than the same shipment within the US. Plus, if you shop at stores like, US deliveries are often free.

To get lower shipping charges, you can use a mail forwarding service to get your purchased shipped to a US address. These services then consolidate your purchases into most cost effective packages and you save a bundle on the shipping. Good mail forwarding services know how to deal with the extra charges and fees for international shipping. For instance, you only need to pay for the value of the merchandize purchased.

With your own US mailing address, you can add this address to your credit card and this allows you to make purchases at online stores in the US. You’ll also get access to more products on eBay since many sellers will only ship within the US. Many mail forwarding services also have a buying plan in which they will assist you in making online purchases. It’s one of the added benefits of their service.

Mail Forwarding Services Benefits for Shoppers:

  • Much lower shipping costs
  • International shipping experts
  • Package consolidation
  • Makes buying from US stores and eBay much easier
  • Help with making purchases

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