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US Based Businesses

International shipping can be a real costly hassle. It’s full of different fees and regulations. Some businesses give up and decide not to ship internationally, others slog through it and end up wasting valuable time and resources.

Many smart businesses are having their cake and eating it too by turning the entire process over to a mail forwarding company. Mail forwarding companies are experts in international shipping and can greatly increase your businesses customer satisfaction by getting them their packages on a timely basis.

Businesses can either ship their goods to the mail forwarding company who handles the rest of the process, or may be able to warehouse their products directly at the mail forwarding company. Many of these companies handle lots of mail and therefore have large storage areas. If products are stored at the mail forwarding company’s addresses, they can quickly get to the buyer’s international location.

Mail Forwarding Services Benefits for US Based Businesses:

  • Remove the hassle and cost of international shipping
  • Increase customer satisfaction by using a international shipping expert
  • Warehouse products directly with the shipper for quicker order fulfillment

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