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USA Box Mail Forwarding Service Review

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What we like about USA Box:

  • They have been in business since 1998 and have over 15,000 customers.
  • Variety of plans to fit many different needs.
  • Everything you receive is photographed and listed, making each item easier to identify and decide what to do with.
  • Quick response in getting mail listed and online.
  • Proven track record handling sensitive information.

USA Box offers a Miami, FL based address for your mail deliveries. They provide the most control over the delivery of your mail with their online account system. The system enables you to look at exactly what you have received and decide how you want them to handle it for you. The digital snapshot of every item makes identification quicker and easier.

For example, when USA Box receives a package for you, they send you an email with a web link to that item in your account. When you access the link, you can decide when you want the package sent and most importantly, you can also provide USA Box with the declared value. USA Box prepares the commercial invoice with the value you provide and sets up the delivery to your destination

Within your account you can mark the items you would like to get shipped and those that you would like to get discarded. We loved this level of control in managing the size of the deliveries you receive. USA Box ships via UPS, DHL, TNT Express, Airborne Express or USPS and they provide you with an email confirmation at the time of shipment.

They also offer a repacking service in which allows you to consolidate different items in one single shipment. When you have this level of control, you are able to decide when to process your shipment. Often you may decide to wait on a delivery as you wait to receive other items that can be placed in the same shipment. Consolidating your shipments pays big dividends on your overall costs.

The extra control USA Box provides can save you a bundle on your shipping charges. Why get 2 Kg of junk mail sent to you when you just end up tossing it out anyway. Their reasonable monthly account charges and great shipping costs provide a winning combination.

Additional Services

In addition to their mail forwarding services, USA Box allows you to track all of your shipments online. They also allow you to physically pick-up your mail if you plan to be in Miami. In addition, two people can share the same account. Other services include:

  • List of online shopping sites
  • Discounted magazine subscriptions
  • The option for USA Box to find shopping items for you
  • A phone forwarding service for a local Miami based phone number

How to Save Money with USA Box

We wanted to test these services to see what the shipping rates would be if we got posted to our dream job in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We chose a monthly service option and we estimated that we would get one 4.55 Kg (10 lb.) shipment per month. We expect our assignment in Rio to last for 12 months, so we calculated a year of the service, plus 12 shipments.

Here’s a breakdown on the costs with USA Box using their Plan A:
$25                  Setup Fee
$120                Monthly Fee ($10.00 x 12 months)
$728.40           Twelve 4.55 (10 lb.) Shipments ($60.70 each)

Total cost for the year = $848.40

Bottom Line: USA Box is an excellent all around Mail Forwarding Service.

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